A Brush with Vampires cover:  A girl with wild curly hair and blazing green eyes looks over her shoulder in front of a full moon over a boarding school.
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Blood. Magic. Boarding School.

Escape from her imploding family. That's all Lila Lee wants. When her best friend negotiates a last-second invitation for Lila to join her boarding school, Lila leaps at the chance. There she finds all the normal high school drama: impossible classes, mean girl frenemies, a frosty roommate, and a tongue-tying, mind-muddling crush.

But someone--or something--lurks in the shadows. It stalks Lila's icy roommate. And her crush. And Lila too.

Can Lila unlock the deadly secret her new school harbors before it's too late?

A Brush with Vampires is the first installment in The Clan-Vampire Clash, a book series of YA paranormal fantasy novels. If you like sinister villains, complicated superheroes, and supernatural suspense mixed with high school drama, you'll love A Brush with Vampires.

Perfect for fans of Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Find out what readers are calling "a great story," "serious good vs. evil," and "got me hooked" today!