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April 2017 Goals + Updated 2017 Goals + Updated 90-Day Goals

written by Betsy Flak on 2017-04-03

Ok, we're through the first quarter of 2017. That means it's time to revisit my 2017 goals and check in on January's 90-day goals. After that, I'll report on how March went and dig into April's goals. Warning: This may get long.

2017 goals


Overview: Unsurprisingly, I was a bit too optimistic. Everything but The Impossible Creation gets moved back a bit. Caveat: I haven't begun on numbers 3 or 4 yet, so they may end up being adjusted later in the year too. Such is life.

  1. Publish The Impossible Creation by mid-year: On track! Launch date set for June 14th of this year.
  2. Complete self-editing of An Uncertain Death. Deliver to and address editor's comments by the end of the year. (Originally this was to publish by the end of the year.)
  3. Start self-editing Book 2. (Originally this was to deliver to an editor by the end of the year.)
  4. Update outline of Book 3. Write the rough draft. (Unchanged...for now.)


Overview: These are changing from top to bottom. Essentially, I've found that focusing on goals that are beyond my ability to control is tying me up in knots and stressing me out. All three of my old business goals for 2017 fell into that bucket (but none of writing ones did!). So here are the new ones, focusing on things that are 100% within my control:

  1. Average at least one campaign per month focused on finding new readers (March through December).
  2. Launch The Impossible Creation within budget and according to plan.
  3. Set up funnel to find new readers through Amazon and book sales.

And now on to my...

90-Day Goals

Update on 90-day goals from January to March

  1. Complete! I'm actually a bit ahead of schedule and working on my final readthroughs of The Impossible Creation now.
  2. Sooooo close! I have 1 chapter left in Part 1. Side note: Part 1 is long. It's currently about 200 pages, with the whole hefty draft coming in around 500 pages...although we'll see where everything ends up after edits.
  3. In progress. Bonus items for The Impossible Creation launch are selected. Rough drafts are complete for the two most time-consuming bonuses.
  4. Incomplete. I did not hit that super-secret number. But with my new 2017 goals, I'm no longer focusing on that anyway.

That leads us to the new 90-day goals.

April - June 2017 goals

  1. Publish The Impossible Creation on June 14th. (Yay!)
  2. Have everything ready for the launch by June 2nd, including all bonus items.
  3. Finish self-edits through Part 2 of An Uncertain Death.
  4. Run at least 3 campaigns to find new readers.

Monthly Goals

Update on March's goals

  1. Success! And I've already started my final readthroughs of The Impossible Creation. And yes, it will be at least two.
  2. Like I said earlier, close! Completed for Chapters 8 through 11. Still have Chapter 12 to do. Chapters 13 and 14 are moving to Part 2.
  3. Fail. But that's ok, because it's no longer a specific goal of mine (see earlier 2017 goal discussion).

And finally the April goals

  1. Complete at least two readthroughs of The Impossible Creation.
  2. Line-by-line self-editing: Complete for Part 1 of An Uncertain Death. Complete for one of the ultra-secret bonuses for The Impossible Creation launch.
  3. Run at least 1 campaign to find new readers.

And there we go. Fresh 2017 goals, fresh 90-day goals, and fresh April goals. Spring, here I come!

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