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December 2017 Goals

written by Betsy Flak on 2017-11-30

Time for the monthly goal session! As usual, we start things out with how I did on November's goals.

  1. Success! I mean, kind of. Part 2 is done--except for a minor scene that I'm adding in--but I haven't started in on Part 3. Considering I forgot to factor in moving all our stuff into the new place and all of my Thanksgiving vacation, I'm counting it.
  2. Fail. I'm still working on this, although I'm done with the most in-depth changes and am left with the easier ones for the most part. I do anticipate finishing this by the end of the year, possibly even next week.
  3. Fail. Due to the completion of the big two thousand mile move that lasted over three months, I didn't move as fast on items #1 and #2 as I wanted, both of which had to be completed before moving on to this one.
  4. Fail (kind of). I ended up prioritizing getting the cover design for the next book set up (including revamping the titles for the first several books of the series). So that pushed analyzing the Spooktacular Sale to later.
  5. Success! Based on the results of book cover design tournament, combined with pesky things like availability of the designer, cost, and my own thoughts, I have selected and scheduled a cover designer. Results coming soon!

Now for December's goals:

  1. Finish up self-editing the last tiny bit of Part 2 of An Uncertain Death. Then self-edit the first few chapters of Part 3 of An Uncertain Death.
  2. Finish up the beta reader comments for An Uncertain Death Part 1.
  3. Start the final kindle readthrough of An Uncertain Death Part 1. Stretch goal: Finish it.
  4. Analyze what went well and what didn't during the Spooktacular Sale. Tweak launch/promotion plans accordingly.
  5. Report on 2017 progress and goals. Make 2018(!) goals.

It's going to be a sprint to the end of the year, but I think I can make it. And if I don't, at least I tried (which is pretty much my motto for life).

And because it amuses me (and because it's sometimes useful to look back at how far I've come rather than looking at how much farther I want to go), here are my goals from one year ago: December 2016 goals.

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