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Two dogs, one skunk, and a whole lotta stink...

written by Betsy Flak on 2019-07-17

Today: a funny story. Well, maybe not for my husband. But for me. And now for you.

Last weekend, I coached one of our teams in a roller derby tournament in Toronto (which is a whole other story). This meant my husband was alone with our two dogs.

It also meant that he stayed at work several hours longer than usual and got home well after dark.

So, he gets home and lets the dogs out immediately (knowing they were probably crossing their legs). A few minutes later, he notices that neither one has moved off the deck.

He goes out to see what's wrong.

At which point, Shadow (our hound dog on the right in the picture who's usually super anxious but apparently decided it was safe since the hubs was out there with her) charges down the steps and into the yard. Gizmo (our aging Akita-ish dog on the left in the picture with not-so-great night vision anymore) runs after her.

Now my husband sees the skunk. He yells at the dogs to come back in and leave it alone. Gizmo backs off.

Shadow doesn't.

As it tries to run away, Shadow swipes at it, trying to pin it down to get a good sniff (and probably only that—she's never killed anything despite a few prime opportunities).

The skunk lifts its tail.

And sprays.

Fortunately, Gizmo missed all of it, and Shadow missed the vast majority of it. She smells a little weird but not out-and-out bad. The skunk is also fine. It shimmied up a drain pipe after spraying.

But the stink got into the house and made the entire main floor reek for about twenty-four hours.

Needless to say, I don't regret being out of town this past weekend that badly.

Here are the culprits themselves, looking all innocent (Gizmo on the left and Shadow on the right).

The culprits themselves: Gizmo on the left and Shadow on the right

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