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February 2018 Goals

written by Betsy Flak on 2018-01-25

I'm a touch early since February 1st is a week from today, but I have a different (exciting!) blog post planned for next Thursday. Thus, the goal blog post got pushed up a week. As usual, I'll go through my progress on January's goals, then decide on February's goals.

Update on January 2018 Goals

  1. Book 1 of The Clan-Vampire Clash: Finish final edits. Deliver to the Certain Cell (my advance readers team).
    • Result: Success! I mean, it should be. I've got some final tweaking with the formatting to do, but content-wise, it's all set to go to the Certain Cell. It should be delivered in the next week easy (if not in the next few days).
  2. Work on Book 1 launch items as shown on the launch schedule (including catching up on some that are way-overdue).
    • Result: Calling this one a success too. I'm not quite one hundred percent caught up yet, but (a) I think I will be by the time February gets here and (b) even if I'm not, it's a helluva lot better than it was at the beginning of the month. So this is a win.
  3. Fill out January's and February's cross promotions, giveaways, etc.
    • Result: Success! They're all filled out now. :)
  4. Analyze results of the holiday flash sale of The Impossible Creation. Apply to launch plan as possible.
    • Result: Ummm, quasi-success? I did analyze the results, but honestly there wasn't a whole lot of meat there. Maybe I could (and still can) do better?
  5. Stretch goal: Start back in on Books 2 and 3 edits.
    • Result: Hmm, this is interesting one. I haven't started on either yet, but I technically have a week left in January. I probably will start back in on Book 2 next week and maybe Book 3 too. Since this was a stretch goal, I don't feel too bad about being super vague about the results.

Side goal: Having a way, way, way less stressful launch of Book 1 of The Clan-Vampire Clash than that of The Impossible Creation (The Clan-Vampire Clash: A Prequel). And that starts by prioritizing launch activities now (something that I had to learn the hard way).

Result: Already ahead of where I was for the launch of The Impossible Creation, so things are looking good (or at least better).

And now on to my February goals! Note: I'm taking a look at the ninety-day goals for January through March 2018 as I do this.

February 2018 Goals

  1. Continue working on the A Brush with Vampires (The Clan-Vampire Clash: Book One) launch as shown in the launch schedule. Largest items include: writing the launch emails, preparing and preparing for the launch bonuses (TBA), and scheduling launch promotions.
  2. Tweak Book 2 for the surprise ending change of A Brush with Vampires*. Get about halfway through the print readthrough reading portion. Stretch goal: Get even farther!
  3. Tweak Book 3 for the surprise ending change of A Brush with Vampires*. Get through the next quarter or so of the self-editing for Book 3 (through what is currently marked as Chapter 27). Stretch goal: Get even farther!
  4. Reminder: Goal is to have a way less stressful book launch this time around. Never forget!

As usual, let's see what I was doing this time last year because seeing progress is fun! And keep an eye out for March's update to see how February went and March's goals.

*Yes, I changed the ending of A Brush with Vampires as part of my last editing pass. Because of course I did. But I love it. And I think all you readers out there will too!

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