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Freebie Friday

written by Betsy Flak on 2019-02-01

This week, I've got a free fairy tale adaptation about Cinderella, an expiring winter fantasy giveaway, a giveaway featuring women-led free books, and a collection of giveaways with young adult, science fiction, and fantasy free books!

Today's Free Book:

The Second Sister (Amendyr Book 1) by Rae D. Magdon

ELEANOR OF SANDLEFORD'S entire world is shaken when her father marries the mysterious, reclusive Lady Kingsclere to gain her noble title. Ripped away from the only home she has ever known, Ellie is forced to live at Baxstresse Manor with her two new stepsisters, Luciana and Belladonna. Luciana is sadistic, but Belladonna is the woman who truly haunts her.

When her father dies and her new stepmother goes suddenly mad, Ellie is cheated out of her inheritance and forced to become a servant. With the help of a shy maid, a friendly cook, a talking cat, and her mysterious second stepsister, Ellie must stop Luciana from using an ancient sorcerer’s chain to bewitch the handsome Prince Brendan and take over the entire kingdom of Seria.

Start reading The Second Sister for free today!

Bonus Book Binge Alert: This is the first of four books in the Amendyr series (as of the date of this post). Check out the whole series here.

Warning: This book may be only suitable for 18+. According to its reviews, rape and incest occur. This fairy tale romance is also pretty steamy.

Today's Giveaways:

Winter Fantasy: Last week!

Bundle up and get cozy, for here's a whole bunch of free urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and sci-fi romance books sure to entrance you during those long winter nights.

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Paranormal, SciFi, Fantasy, Magic Giveaway

Do you love exciting, otherworldly reads? Then escape into the free paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy books of this giveaway!

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Origins Giveaway

People, cultures and empires all have their own origins. Read about those origins in the free books of this giveaway.

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Where Women Rule Giveaway

Find your next favorite heroines and female authors in this giveaway featuring strong female leads and female authors.

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We Devour YA Giveaway

It started with YA, and our love for this genre is always reflected in the our TBR piles. From romance to paranormal, fantasy and science fiction, we devour it all.

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Discover New Series!

Find new authors to fill your to-be-read stacks with more to come. Get lost in these series starters, serials, prequels, and sequels.

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