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July 2018 goals + new 90-day goals

written by Betsy Flak on 2018-07-16

Okay, so I'm suuuuuper late here. But better late than never, right? I admit, it was somewhat on purpose. I was so sick of writing "I mean, I'm just about done so maybe I'll finish it next month?" So I buckled down and finished things! Even though it meant putting off my goals post...and working a bunch of weekends. So let's dive back in.

As usual for the close of the quarter, I'll update the progress on June's goals then see how I did with the ninety-day goals for April through June. Then I'll set new ninety-day goals, then new July goals (which will be pretty sparse considering we're already halfway through the month—oops). Sorry, no gifs today.

Okay, I lied. Just one gif that's me about now...

via GIPHY's the update on the June 2018 goals:

  1. Book Two of The Clan-Vampire Clash (Title TBA): Still on hold. Stretch goal: Start back in on it!
    • Result: Yup, still on hold. Or it came off hold today! But considering today's July 16th, I definitely didn't work on this in June. So no progress here in June.
  2. Book Three: Finish this round of editing on the WHOLE DAMN THING. Make it to that finish line! Stretch goal: Finish it with time to shift back to Book Two.
    • Result: Well, as you might have guess based on item #1, I did not finish this in June. I finished it on July 11th, a mere eleven days late (or six work days late, due to the Fourth of July holiday). So I did finish it (yay!), but not in June (boo).
  3. Troupe-only side story: Deliver first installment to my email list. Preferably a second installment too.
    • Result: Yeah, this one I kicked some major butt with. Delivered two installments in June (although I did have to back off the third one in July due focusing on finishing the Book Three edits).
  4. Finish analyzing the book launch of A Brush with Vampires (The Clan-Vampire Clash: Book One). Adapt both launch and long-term marketing strategies accordingly. For real this time.
    • Result: Well...I finished it at last! Yay! I mean, it required me working several weekends and I just finished it yesterday, midway through July, but at least it's done! Just in time for me to start working on the Book Two launch, lol.
  5. Schedule cross promotions, giveaways, etc. for July (including one free book slot in June). Start in on August's.
    • Result: Complete! Completed even in June! Not that this is a hard one, but whatever. I'll take that sweet, sweet credit.

Update on ninety-day goals from April through June 2018

  1. Book Two of The Clan-Vampire Clash (Title TBA): Complete print readthrough and delivery to beta readers by April 30th. Address beta reader comments by June 30th. Stretch goal: Do final Kindle readthrough by June 30th.
    • Result: Well, that first bit I did. But I have barely even looked at the beta reader comments, let alone address them or work on my final editing pass. The good news is that this was a conscious decision, favoring completing the main editing for Book Three instead. The bad news is that I definitely didn't expect that to last through the middle of July. Oh well, c'est la vie, I guess.
  2. Book Three: Complete developmental and first round of line editing through what is currently marked as Chapter 33 (a little over three-quarters of the way through). Stretch goal: Finish it! At least this round of editing, the most intense round there is.
    • Result: It's dooooone! Yay! I mean, I cheated by putting Book Two on hold and by using half of July to get there, but whatever. Stretch goal achieved through trickeration.
  3. Continue scheduling cross promotions, giveaways, etc. Factor in data from the launch of A Brush with Vampires (The Clan-Vampire Clash: Book One) and adapt strategy accordingly.
    • Result: Done! Again, I cheated a bit and used half of July to get there, but done!
  4. Stretch goal: Start in on the Book Four rough draft.
    • Result:Hahaha, nope. Though this is next on my list once Book Two is ready for its advance readers.

Ninety-day goals for July through September 2018

Note: I'm looking at my 2018 goals as I do this, to ensure that I'm on track for the year (or at least as on track as possible).

  1. Book Two of The Clan-Vampire Clash (Title TBA): Finish addressing beta reader comments by August 10th. Finish final edits by September 7th. Stretch goals: Finish addressing beta reader comments by August 3rd. Finish final edits by August 24th.
    • Comparison to 2018 goals: Missed the stretch goal by about a mile, but relatively on track for the regular goal of August 31st (midway between my regular goal and my stretch goal). So not impossible.
  2. Book Three: On hold in favor of finishing up Book Two and writing the rough draft of Book Four. Stretch goal: Start in on the next round of editing by the end of September...which seems even more unlikely than usual, given the rest of July and most of August (at best) is devoted to Book Two and writing Book Four will probably take at least all of September, so...I guess we'll see?
    • Comparison to 2018 goals: Yup, this is not looking good. Goal was to complete the final edits by the end of the year, but it looks like I'll most likely be sending it to beta readers around that time instead, putting me a few months behind schedule. I swear, some day I'll be able to write and edit and publish quickly! Today (and this year) is not that day. Oh and yeah, obviously the stretch goal of finishing the final edits in September is dead.
  3. Book Four: Get at least halfway through the rough draft by September 30th, 2018. Stretch goal: Finish it!
    • Comparison to 2018 goals: Welp, the stretch goals for the rough drafts of both Books Four and Five are dead (April 30th and August 31st, respectively). And you might notice that Books Five and Six are mentioned nowhere in this new set of ninety-day goals...their rough drafts are theoretically supposed to be done by December 31st. I might maybe be able to still do this, though I will most likely decide to polish Book Three and get it all shiny for its beta readers and then work on the developmental and line edits for Book Four instead. That will leave the rough drafts for Books Five and Six for next year.
  4. Troupe-only side story: Publish a new chapter in each biweekly newsletter, pausing only for when I need to survey readers about what should happen next and plot accordingly and during launches.
    • Comparison to 2018 goals: Not. Even. Mentioned. Because this was an idea I had in late April (I think) and I leapt upon it. So it hasn't been in my goals until now.
  5. Prepare for Book Two launch according to its launch spreadsheet. Analyze the June summer flash sales of A Brush with Vampires and The Impossible Creation and adapt sales and launch strategies accordingly.
    • Comparison to 2018 goals: On track for publishing Book Two of The Clan-Vampire Clash series by October 31st, 2018, per its regular goal for 2018. Stretch goal of publishing it by July 31st is dead. The sales analysis was not mentioned in 2018 goals, but it's the same idea as analyzing the A Brush with Vampires book launch.
  6. Continue scheduling cross promotions, giveaways, etc.
    • Comparison to 2018 goals: Pretty much exactly the same.

July 2018 Goals

  1. Book Two of The Clan-Vampire Clash (Title TBA): Address about two-thirds of the beta reader comments. Stretch goal: address all of them! Start in on the final edits!
  2. Troupe-only side story: Edit then publish Chapter 2 in The Troupe newsletter at the end of July. Stretch goal: Start editing Chapter 3.
  3. Start preparing for the Book Two launch, including setting a target date. Stretch goal: Analyze the June summer flash sales of A Brush with Vampires and The Impossible Creation. Adapt sales and launch strategy accordingly.
  4. Schedule cross promotions, giveaways, etc. for August. Start in on September's.

And as usual, let's see what I was doing this time last year. Even though I'm not where I want to be (yet), it's fun to see how I've come.

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