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September 2017 Goals

written by Betsy Flak on 2017-08-21

So you might notice that this is about week early. That's because I have news...

Drumroll, please...

We're moving back to Michigan!

And that's super exciting, since that's where both my and my husband's families are.

But it's a ton of work. We've got to pack and transport ourselves, all our stuff, and about a hundred pounds of dog-flesh roughly 2000 miles. And then we'll be in temporary housing while we look for somewhere to live. So, yeah, it's a little crazy.

What does this mean for you (and my goals)? It means that general blog posts, Women Crush Wednesday posts, and Freebie Friday posts may not happen for at least the next two weeks--maybe the next month--depending on how things go. It also means that I'll be setting less ambitious goals for September. Best case scenario, I lose a little less than 2 weeks in September for the move. But I'm a little picky (ok, a lot picky) about my work set-up and kind of hate working on a laptop. Not that I won't do it, but I'm not as productive as I am on my desktop.

So now that all that is said, let's dig into my September goals. As usual, we start with an update on August's goals.

  1. Complete and with a week to spare! I mean, I pretty much killed myself to do it and ignored everything else, but hey, I'm writer, right? So writing (or in this case editing) is what I do.
  2. Lol. Not. Even. Close. I did finish the readthrough, but going through my own comments is taking for-ev-er. I'm a little less than halfway through.
  3. 95% of the way there. I have one more analysis I'd like to try, though I'm not sure how useful it will be and I might not do it at all. But then again I might (cryptic, I know).
  4. Success! Ran (and am running) a bunch of different ones.

And now for September's goals:

  1. Edit An Uncertain Death: LbL Chapters 23 - 25.
  2. Finish my post-readthrough comments of An Uncertain Death, Part 1.
  3. Finish up my launch post-mortem analyzing what went well and what could have gone better. For real this time.
  4. Run at least 1 campaign to find new readers.

And there we go. Hopefully by next month's goals post I'll be living in a whole different state, timezone, and climate!

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