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Recommendations from The Troupe

written by Betsy Flak on 2019-08-19

One thing I'm always looking for is my next really-great, can't-put-it-down-for-a-second, oops-I-forgot-to-eat book. After all, that's one thing we share: a love of books and stories.

However, I'm not the fastest reader by any stretch of the imagination, so I can't always get through all the book recommendations I receive (and certainly not in a timely manner). So, I periodically gather them all together, then pass them on to you! You may—okay, probably—read more books than I do.

Without further ado, here are ten books Troupe members have recommended to me over the past several months.

Here Be Sexist Vampires (The Deep In Your Veins Series Book 1) by Suzanne Wright

Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves Series Book 1) by Quinn Loftis

Written In Red (A Novel of the Others Book 1) by Anne Bishop

Victim Zero (The Fall Book 1) by Joshua Guess

Exile (The Faarian Chronicles Trilogy Book 1) by Karen Harris Tully

Intangible (Piercing the Veil Book 1) by C.A. Gray

Keystone (Crossbreed Series Book 1) by Dannika Dark

Death Becomes Her (The Kurtherian Gambit Book 1) by Michael Anderle

At Home in Mitford (Mitford Book 1) by Jan Karon

Miss Mabel's School for Girls (The Network Series Book 1) by Katie Cross

Want more recommendations? Check out the last set of recommendations from the Troupe.

And that's it! If you try them out, let me know what you think! You can email me at or find me on Facebook or Twitter. Same thing if you have other book recommendations for me to add to the list. Just shoot me an email or let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

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