The Impossible Adventure

Meet Your Misadventure #1 of The Clan-Vampire Clash

Your rules, your game. You decide.

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A Brush with Vampires

The Clan-Vampire Clash: Book One

A Brush with Vampires cover:  A girl with wild curly hair and blazing green eyes looks over her shoulder in front of a full moon over a boarding school.

He hunts bloodsuckers. She's got power like he's never seen. To keep their school safe, he'll put his life on the line to protect her.

High school sophomore Lila Lee is desperate to fit in at her new boarding school. Surrounded by frenemies, it takes bumping into the gorgeous Gabe to turn her fake smiles into crackling chemistry. But when she sees surprise on the laid-back senior's face, she can't help but wonder what he's hiding.

Gabe wants fun and freedom and he refuses to let his vampire hunting duties get in the way. After his chance meeting with Lila sparks intense visions, he realizes the pretty sophomore could be even more powerful than he is. As Gabe keeps the new girl in the dark, he's not the only one who notices Lila's hidden magic.

While Lila tries to climb the popularity ladder and Gabe fulfills his duties, something different lurks in the shadows. Something deadly. Something that could take more than Gabe and Lila's powers combined to stop it from drenching the school in blood.

A Brush with Vampires is the first book in The Clan-Vampire Clash YA paranormal fantasy series. If you like gutsy heroines, dark villains, and intense high school relationships, then you'll love Betsy Flak’s page-turner.

Find out what readers are calling "a fast paced adventure," "serious good vs. evil," and "filled with plenty of thrills" today!

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The Impossible Creation

The Clan-Vampire Clash: A Prequel

The Impossible Creation cover: A girl surrounded by flames brandishes a sword.

A nightmarish Halloween threat. A vampire hunter on red alert. Will a high school starlet end up the death of the party?

Lucy has never recovered from her grandfather's grisly death. The vampire hunter has vowed to keep her powers under wraps and stop all nighttime patrolling. But when a death on her college campus arouses her suspicions, she's forced to return to the hunt.

Grace's heart is torn in two. She loves both her best friend and the boy her BFF can't stop thinking about. When she's forced to come clean on Halloween night, risking a friendship pales in comparison to real vampires crashing the party…

With the innocent Grace the primary target, Lucy has one chance to neutralize the threat before a powerful new vampire emerges. Can the hunter save the girl without meeting a bloodcurdling end?

The Impossible Creation is a stand-alone prequel to The Clan-Vampire Clash YA paranormal fantasy series. If you like feisty heroines, fierce vampire action, and supernatural suspense, then you'll love Betsy Flak’s thrilling novel.

Discover what readers are calling "kickass, thrilling and smooth flowing," "a captivating tale," and "fast paced, keeps you guessing what's next" now!

As a child, author Betsy Flak spent her free time lost in a book, whether upside down in a cozy armchair, in the bow of her family’s fishing boat in Michigan, or on a bleacher during her brother’s basketball games. As an adult, she loves reading and writing coming-of-age adventures filled with supernatural abilities, heart-stopping action, the battle between good and evil, and romantic interests galore. When she’s not reading, writing, or editing, you can find Betsy playing roller derby or chilling on the couch with her favorite purple blanket, her two dogs, and her husband. Learn more...

October 2018

Here's what I'm working on this month:

  1. Launching A Brush with Betrayal (The Clan-Vampire Clash: Book Two) on Sunday, October 21st, 2018! (And all the preparation that goes into it.)
  2. Working on the copy editing of Book Three of The Clan-Vampire Clash series.
  3. Writing the rough draft of season 2 of Sam's story, a reader-guided, Troupe-exclusive stand-alone prequel of The Clan-Vampire Clash book series.

And that's it! Look for my November update to see how it went and November's goals.

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Panic at the Carnival: an excerpt from A Brush with Betrayal

In just six days, A Brush with Betrayal (The Clan-Vampire Clash: Book Two) will be ready for the world to read! To celebrate, here's an action scene from A Brush with Betrayal (all spoilers removed).

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