The Impossible Adventure

Meet Your Misadventure #1 of The Clan-Vampire Clash

Your rules, your game. You decide.

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The Impossible Creation

The Clan-Vampire Clash: A Prequel

The Impossible Creation cover: A girl in a blood-red dress stands in a foggy forest cemetary at night.

A vampire with otherworldly ambitions.

A vampire hunter, adrift in a sea of grief.

And an oblivious girl, over whose fate they fight.

Devastated by grief, Lucy fled from her supernatural birthright as a vampire hunter. Now she pretends to be a normal college student. She goes to class. She works a part-time job. She hides her superpowers from everyone except her best friend--who happens to be a witch. But when a vampire enters her town and targets an innocent high school girl, Lucy must hunt again.

Can Lucy win a tug of war where the prize is a girl's life?

The Impossible Creation is a stand-alone prequel to the upcoming The Clan-Vampire Clash, a series of YA paranormal fantasy novels. If you like sinister villains, complicated superheroes, and supernatural suspense mixed with high school drama, then you'll love Betsy Flak's magical new series.

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An Uncertain Death

The Clan-Vampire Clash: Book One

'In Progress' stamped over a haunted forest at night.

Blood. Magic. Boarding School.

Lila Lee thinks she knows what she's getting into when she exchanges her imploding family for boarding school Eversfield. Impossible classes, impossible teachers, an impossible best friend providing abundant distractions, all she expects. What she doesn't expect is high school politics rivaling D.C., a frosty roommate, and a tongue-tied, mushy-minded crush on her roommate's older brother. As Lila stumbles, often literally, through heaps of homework, back-stabbing frenemies, and the dark secret her new school harbors, she wonders:

Will her first semester be her last?

Arriving Early 2018

Author Betsy Flak has always treasured compelling stories. As a child, she spent her free time lost in a book, whether upside down in a cozy armchair, in the bow of her family's fishing boat in Michigan, or on a bleacher during her brother's basketball games. As an adult, her ereader is her most trusted companion and almost never leaves her side, prepared for any spare moment. Read more...

September 2017

Here's what I'm working on this month:

  1. Moving about 2000 miles across the US!
  2. Editing An Uncertain Death Part 2.
  3. Working on my post-readthrough comments for An Uncertain Death Part 1.
  4. Reviewing the book launches of The Impossible Creation, The Unleashed Creation, and The Impossible Adventure for what went well and what could have gone better.

And that's it! Look for my September update to see how it went and October's goals.

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This week: Missy, Doctor Who (TV series)

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